VP Harris says, it wouldn’t be ‘solved overnight’ on Mexico–United States border situation

VP Kamala Harris has been to New Hampshire, California and Illinois, but says coronavirus issues prevent her from visiting the southern U.S. border.

VP Harris says, it wouldn't be 'solved overnight' on Mexico–United States border situation

Vice President Kamala Harris blamed the former Donald Trump government and said the condition at the southern United States border wouldn’t be solved overnight in an interview on Sunday (April 25).

Kamala Harris said on CNN’s State of the Union that the kind of work that has to happen is the diplomatic work they have been engaged in, including her calls to the Mexican President and the President of Guatemala. But it isn’t going to be solved immediately. It is a complex matter. Moreover, if this were so easy, it would have been handled many years ago.

She said that this is about the Western Hemisphere. They are a neighbor in the Western Hemisphere, and it’s also about understanding that they can get in there if they are consistent. The part of the issue is that under the previous government, they pulled out principally a lot of what had been the continuum of work, and it essentially came to a standstill.

GOPs have criticized Vice President for not taking a trip to the border or holding a press conference in the month since American President Joe Biden dubbed her the point person for the American response to a record increase in migrants.

The White House has emphasized Kamala Harris’ role is to address initiating causes of migration, and she is instead of touring to Latin American nations to meet with leaders.

The number of Migrants Increased Since March

According to the latest Fox News poll, by a stark 46-15% margin, voters say United States border security is worse today than it was two years ago.

Since taking office, Vice President Harris has visited states including New Hampshire, Illinois, and California but hasn’t toured the southern U.S. border. Moreover, she told CNN that she intends to visit Central America.

Harris said that they’re working on the plan to get there. They have to deal with COVID-19 issues, but she cannot get there soon enough in terms of personally getting there. She said that she’s focused on working with Cabinet members and other authorities to give people some sense of confidence that, if they stay, that assistance is on the way.

Moreover, Harris listed efforts including a virtual trade mission to be convened by the United States Department of Commerce, the Agriculture Department helping Central American farmers affected by drought, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) increasing disaster response following devastating hurricanes in the area.

VP Harris says, it wouldn't be 'solved overnight' on Mexico–United States border situation
VP Harris says, it wouldn’t be ‘solved overnight’ on Mexico–United States border situation
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Harris further said that most people do not want to leave the residence, and when they do, it is usually for one of two causes. Either they are fleeing some harm, or they can’t stay and satisfy the fundamental necessities of life, such as feeding their children and having a roof over their heads. And that is a big part of what is going on. So, she looks at the matter of what is happening in the northern triangle from that perspective.

In the meantime, the migrants being fast-tracked for release without formal immigration court notices at the Mexico-United States border has reportedly increased by thousands since March 2021 to more than 15300.

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