President Biden Calls Putin ‘a War Criminal’

President Biden has branded Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, a ‘war criminal.’

President Biden Calls Putin 'a War Criminal'

On Wednesday, the United States President responded to Kyiv’s emotional live-video plea with an 800M dollars security help that contains a range of defensive weapons – a retort that falls short of the ‘air exclusion zone’ over Ukraine Mr. Zelenskyy seeks as his state experiences nonstop attacks from Russian military forces. But, the US President Biden also increased the emotions in the battle of words between himself and the leader of the Russian Federation.

The US President has branded Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, a ‘war criminal’ in a move anticipated to intensify diplomatic tensions even more. Biden delivered the statement impromptu in response to a question of the reporter at the White House. It is the maiden time Biden has used such a style of speech to criticize Mr. Putin, and the White House later stated he was speaking straight from the heart. However, Moscow said that Biden’s statement was unacceptable and inexcusable rhetoric.

When pushed for details, the White House Press Secretary said that Biden’s remarks speak for themselves; he was speaking from the heart and from what you have seen on TV, which is vicious moves by a cruel dictator through his incursion of Ukraine – a post-Soviet country. The Putin-directed military launched the all-out attack 3-weeks before on 24th February. His armed forces have hit schools, hospitals, and residential buildings. The actor-turned President said that nearly a hundred children had lost their lives in a large-scale invasion.

The fresh United States assistance package brings the sum of security assistance to Ukraine to 1.01B dollars only this week. According to the US leader, this latest package on its own is going to deliver unparalleled aid to the former republic country.

What US Included in $800M Security Aid to Ukraine?

According to the White House fact sheet on American Security aid for Ukrainians, the $800M package includes:

  • Six thousand AT-4 anti-armor systems, 2000 Javelin, and one thousand light anti-armor weaponry;
  • Eight hundred Stinger anti-air systems;
  • Hundred Grenade launchers, 5K riffles, four hundred machine guns, thousand pistols, and four hundred shotguns;

Moreover, the fresh military aid contains within:

  • More than 20M SAA rounds and mortar and grenade launcher rounds;
  • 25K Helmets and twenty-five thousand body-armor sets.

In addition to the arms listed above, former U.S. support committed to Ukrainians includes:

  • More than 600 Stinger anti-air systems, 2600 Javelin, and 5 Mi-17 helicopters;
  • Seventy Humvee’s and Satellite imagery, analysis capability.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, the Pentagon said that efforts to deliver the military equipment are already in progress.

President Biden Calls Putin 'a War Criminal'
President Biden Calls Putin ‘a War Criminal’
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Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of NATO, said that there’re 0.1M American troops in the West and another forty thousand personnel under direct Western Military Alliance command, as well as thousands additional on high alert all over NATO countries. The US President is to join leaders of the NATO at NATO headquarters in Brussels for an ‘extraordinary Summit’ occurring on 24th March, marking a month since Moscow launched its incursion.


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