Ex-Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway Interviewed by 1/6 Select Panel

The January 6th Select Committee interviewed a top Trump-aide Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway.

Ex-Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway Interviewed by 1/6 Select Panel

On Monday, the Congressional Committee inquiring about the last year’s Capitol Hill insurrection by the pro-Trump violent mob interviewed Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway, a US political adviser & pollster, who served as Senior Counselor to President Donald J. Trump (2017-2020), according to two persons knowing the panel’s work.

In an interview that lasted around five hours, the 6th JAN Panel investigators questioned specifically about her purportedly telling acquaintances that the former American President acknowledged to her that he was aware of the reality that he’d lost the 2020 election to Mr. Joseph R. Biden, according to one person familiar with the matter.

According to media reports, the exchange was primarily reported in the book titled “The Big Lie” by US political correspondent Jonathan Lemire. In the book, he narrates that off-screen, Donald Trump asked aloud to the former counselor how he could “lose the election to f***ing Joseph R. Biden.”

Furthermore, when Jan. 6 Committee asked if the ex-President ever acknowledged that the recent presidential election wasn’t rigged or stolen, Kellyanne Conway told media correspondents that she didn’t disclose those dialogs. She added that she ponders if they want to know from Mr. Trump, they should depose him.

Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin Died Aged 61

Donald Trump’s ex-aide also said that when pressed by news-persons that the panel has issued a subpoena to the former American President demanding responsive documents and deposition testimony, though they inquired him so late, she said she thinks the House Select Panel has almost finalized. And when further asked about why Mr. Trump would not speak to the investigators, the US political consultant posed, why Trump would do that.

In addition, in answer to the question regarding what discussions Conway had with the then-President or his staunch allies on the Day of Insurrection, she responded that she wouldn’t converse about that because she might’ve spoken regarding that there, alluding to her sitting.

Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin Died Aged 61
Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin Died Aged 61

The U.S. Congressman Aston Donald McEachin, proudly serving Virginia’s 4th District, died from complications of cancer on 28 November at age 61., according to a statement from his Office.

In 2018, McEachin revealed that he’d developed a fistula – an abnormal connection between two hollow spaces – after completing medication for colon cancer in 2014, losing more than 27 kg (~60 pounds) as a consequence.

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