Newly Elected US Policymakers Pledge Continuing Ukrainian Aid

The newly elected U.S. House GOP legislators vowed continuing Ukrainian aid to support war-torn state in their fight against Russians' violence.

Newly Elected US Policymakers Pledge Continuing Ukrainian Aid

On Sunday, the newly elected U.S. House GOP legislators vowed that the US governing body would keep on sending military support to war-torn Ukraine to effectively fight off Russian barbarity now in its 39th week. However, the House GOPs who will wield power in the 118th Congress said there would be greater scrutiny of the arms and military equipment ahead of delivery to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Rep. Mike Turner, serving Ohio’s 10th District, and Rep. Michael Thomas McCaul Sr., serving Texas’ 10th District, possibly the key Congressmen overseeing new assistance packages for Ukraine, said in “This Week” on ABC News that there would be continued bipartisan backing for the courageous people and forces of Ukraine as GOPs assume a razor-thin majority in the Congress’ lower chamber, although some opposition from both sides has developed.

Congressman Mike Turner, likely the next Chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence, said they’re going to ensure they receive what they require. He added they would’ve bipartisan Democrats and GOP support.

On the other hand, Congressman Michael McCaul, anticipated to be the new Chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said if the US gives Ukraine what they need, they win. However, he also said there would be an alteration in contemplating Kyiv assistance from the departing Democratic House power when GOPs take over in January 2023. McCaul continued that, in actuality, Republicans are going to provide additional oversight and transparency; they aren’t going to write a ‘blank check’ to the Kyiv administration.

Newly Elected US Policymakers Pledge Continuing Ukrainian Aid
Newly Elected US Policymakers Pledge Continuing Ukrainian Aid
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Berlin Sent Special-Service Vehicles for Ukraine

Earlier, on Nov. 3, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, the US far-right conspiracy theorist serving Georgia’s 14th District, said at a Donald Trump rally in Iowa that Kyiv wouldn’t get any more funding if GOPs gain Congress control in the 2022 Midterm Elections, adding; our country comes first.

On Friday, James Spencer Cleverly, a UK Army Reserve officer who is serving as the State Secretary for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, announced the fresh assistance for the post-Soviet state, including emergency vehicles like ambulances & support for victims of sexual assault by Moscow soldiers, according to media reports.

Furthermore, to assist Ukrainians in resisting the Russian attacks, Berlin delivered additional special-purpose vehicles for the military forces of Ukraine in the recent week, according to the German government website. Particularly, the latest military support sent to Kyiv included two Oshkosh M1070 Army tank transporter and fourteen border patrol vehicles.

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