Trump topped $170 million since Election Day

Trump topped $170 million since Election Day

Donald Trump, the President of the United States and his political operation, raised over $170 million since Election Day, a source familiar with the matter said – a massive fundraising haul backed by baseless allegations of Trump about the rigging of the election. The fundraising made way into the coffers of the joint fundraising committee of the president in less than one month thanks to a barrage of fundraising solicitations to the supporters of Trump, encouraging them to donate an Election Defense Fund as he hyped up gossips about a stolen election.

An increasingly big share of the funds has assisted retire the debt of the Trump campaign and fund the future political operation of the president through a political action committee. The Save America political action committee, which Trump launched less than seven days after Election Day, could fund his post-White House political era – underwriting staff, travel, and other functions, even if Trump never seeks president office again. On the other side, the Trump campaign declined to give remarks on the fundraising statistics.

The Washington Post initially reported that the post-election fundraising of Trump raises more than $150 million. A campaign adviser states that fundraising is a big sign that Trump is not going anywhere. The adviser says that there is already talk of the president doing some wide-ranging traveling post-presidency, including tours overseas to maintain his visibility. CNN previously reported that Trump’s campaign sent several fundraising pitches in the last few weeks with excessive election fraud claims.

Trump campaign spent $3 million for a partial recount in Wisconsin

A recent note requested Trump supporters to sign petitions to demand a fair election. Another asked $5 Immediately to Defend the Election from Radical Left. However, the legal fine print on the appeals demonstrates that seventy-five percent of the funds raised, over $5000, go to the new management PAC, Save America. Only after the five thousand dollars threshold met do any funds go into the recount account of the Trump campaign.

U.S. President Trump topped $170 million since Election Day
U.S. President Trump topped $170 million since Election Day
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In all, the Trump campaign sent four hundred fundraising emails and another one hundred and twenty-five texts between 11:00 pm ET election night and early Tuesday morning. The legal team of Trump waged long-shot legal fights to challenge the election results – with minute success. Joe Biden, two states President-elect, won by narrow margins – Wisconsin and Arizona – on Monday certified the results of their election, confirming the victory of Biden. Moreover, the Trump campaign expended $3 million for an incomplete recount in Wisconsin.

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