US Warns China of the Implications of Aiding Russia in Ukraine War

President of America sought to use a two-hour-long video-call to deter Chinese leader from aiding Moscow in its assaults in Ukraine.

US Warns China of the Implications of Aiding Russia in Ukraine War

Joe Biden, the President of America, sought to use a two-hour-long video-call on March 18 to deter Chinese leader Xi Jinping from aiding Moscow in its assaults in Ukraine, a crucial period that could determine the course of the deadly conflict.

According to China’s state media, the Chinese leader told his American counterpart that their countries have an obligation for guaranteeing peace and stability, a slanting suggestion he isn’t concerned with intensifying the tensions. After that, however, the White House stated its apprehensions over China’s probable intercession had not been alleviated.

The White House spokesperson said that they’ve that concern. Mr. Biden detailed what the consequences would be if Beijing delivered material aid to Moscow as it conducts violent attacks against Ukrainian land and people. She added: that’s something the entire world will be watching.

Senior government officials described the Biden-Xi call as ‘direct, detailed, and substantive,’ but wouldn’t provide numerous specifics about the lengthy talk. The official added that most of the Presidents’ conversation centered on the Ukrainian war and the implications and consequences the crisis would’ve for China-US ties and the international order. But the government declined to openly detail what those consequences would be. The US President really was not making specific demands of Beijing.

Furthermore, he was laying out the valuation of the situation, what he ponders makes sense, and the consequences of certain moves. The official said, ‘you know,’ he thinks their view is that Beijing will determine its own choice.

‘Murky Position’

President Biden’s aim in speaking directly with Mr. Xi was partly to find out where precisely the Chinese stood, and it remained not clear afterward whether he had gained much clarity. Jen Psaki said that Beijing has to choose for themselves on where they want to be and how they want history to look at them and view their moves; that’s a decision for Mr. Xi Jinping to make.

In addition, at the leader’s request, Chinese and US officials will continue talks in the upcoming days, according to the White House. And the US President plans to discuss Beijing’s role with other European leaders at a snap NATO meeting next week in Belgium.

The remarks of China about the Russia-Ukraine war have stopped short of disapproving the incursion but also not presented explicit assistance. The Chinese leader has offered nominal backing for conciliation efforts between Ukraine and Russia, but Xi has also intensified Moscow’s disinformation about the war. That all left the Chinese President in a murky position, which America anticipated to clarify through call.

Avoid Cold War

Moreover, the United States had already warned Asian and Western allies and partners that Beijing had shown willingness to assist Moscow with financial and military aid, which Russia had requested as its stopping incursion stretched into the 3rd week. But officials stated that China was still formulating how to answer, lifting the stakes for US’ intervention on 18th March. Beijing started offering its own account of the Biden-Xi call moments after it started, describing a Chinese message to Joe Biden on state TV.

US Warns China of the Implications of Aiding Russia in Ukraine War
US Warns China of the Implications of Aiding Russia in Ukraine War
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The US leader has been worried about preventing a new Cold War with China, looking for instead to define the connection as one of the competitive co-existences. But ‘Beijing’s no-limits’ strategic partnership with the Kremlin declared February, and its stance on the besieged Ukraine has called that into query.


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