Zelenskyy Addressed Canadian Parliament & Said Russia Committing “Genocide”

Ukrainian President met with Canadian PM Trudeau & addressed Ottawa’s Parliament; aggressively described the Russian “genocide.”

Zelenskyy Addressed Canadian Parliament & Said Russia Committing “Genocide”

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was on a tour to Canada, where he met with Canadian PM Trudeau, addressed Ottawa’s Parliament, and aggressively described the Russian “genocide.” Zelenskyy relied a lot on the West for substantial military assistance to fight the war against the gigantic enemy Kremlin. In his speech on the floor of the Canadian Parliament on Friday, he said that Russia had been using all the means to overcome Ukraine and even committing genocide to fulfill its desires. Zelenskyy said they demanded more support just because they have been fighting a challenging conflict and facing genocide by Russian occupiers.

Zelenskyy made a powerful English speech on the Canadian Parliamentary floor, which appealed to world leaders. He is about to complete his trip to North America, which started with his appearance at the United Nations General Assembly in New York earlier this week. Canada warmly welcomed Zelenskyy into the country, which was totally different from what he experienced in the United States a day earlier. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy faced Republicans during his visit to the US, where they mostly talked about decreasing the supportive funds for Kyiv, and there is only a week left in budget legislation’ last date.

President Zelenskyy also requested to talk to the joint session of the US Congress but was refused. House of Republicans leader Kevin McCarthy said they just didn’t have the time for the joint session. In Canada, Kyiv’s leader was given a special honor and was allowed for a second address in the Parliament. The last time he spoke to the Canadian legislators was by video link just weeks after Russia started its Full-Scale invasion of Ukraine. Only a few world leaders were allowed to address on the Canadian floor, and Zelenskyy made the speech for the second time.

Justin Trudeau Pledged For More Military Aid To Ukraine

The world leaders who addressed the Canadian Parliament were Nelson Mandela, the UK’s Margaret Thatcher, and American Presidents Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced Zekenskyy on Friday with vows for more support for the fight against the Kremlin. Trudeau said Canada had aided nine billion Canadian dollars to Ukraine since Putin started its offense. He further added that there would be longer-term support with a multilayer commitment. Canadian assistance will also include 650 million Canadian dollars, which will be provided within the next three years and will be used to build 50 armored vehicles, including vehicles for medical evacuation. Trudeau said Canadian workers in London, Ontario, would build those vehicles.

Ottawa’s leader also pledged to send the funding for mental health initiatives led by Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska. The war has greatly impacted the mental health and well-being of Ukrainians. Olena was also sitting in the audience. Justin Trudeau also talked about China in his introductory remarks and mentioned the detention and release of two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. He added that some countries were trying to deform or break the rules. Trudeau said in his speech that there were powers in the competition and only laws could protect people, and he said the rules were not only to be written somewhere, but people must stand by them and advocate for them. Canadian leader added that history would never forget how we advocate the laws.

Zelenskyy Addressed Canadian Parliament & Said Russia Committing “Genocide”
Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Addressed Canadian Parliament & Said Russia Committing “Genocide”
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Zelenskyy Widely Thanked The White House

Ukraine has been pushing the Russian forces through its counteroffensive, which started in June to take back all the lost territory from the Kremlin’s occupied forces. Zelenskyy collected huge funds from its allies, especially Western countries, and still is in the run to collect more. He appeared in the United Nations General Assembly and visited Washington, DC. He expressed great gratitude to the White House for continuous assistance since the Kremlin started the invasion of Ukraine. He thanked America for being with them for those 575 days since the start of the war. He highlighted the new military assistance package announced by President Biden.

Ukrainian officials repeatedly claimed that their forces were cutting through the Russian defense lines and getting the lost areas back. The fight is not easy as Kremlin forces are also pushing back, making Kyiv’s progress much slower. American officials said the counteroffensive’s gains were slower than anticipated, but they said that Ukrainian troops were getting small but consistent achievements.


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