Hillary Clinton endorses Former Vice President Biden

Hillary Clinton endorsed Former Vice-President Biden for President

Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, endorsed Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States for president, when she visited his virtual town hall as a special guest on Tuesday afternoon, focused on the effects of the novel coronavirus on women. During the event, on the presence of Hillary Clinton, Biden said that he really thrilled to have his friend, the former secretary of state, former senator, and a lady who should be president of the U.S. right now.

The former senator offered her personal and lengthy endorsement of the former vice president. She expressed her thrilled to be a part of Biden’s campaign. She says that she not only comes there to endorse him but also to highlight several issues that are at stake in his 2020 presidential election. Hilary says that Biden has the sympathy for others and the thing that the nation needs right now. Moreover, the country needs a real president in the form of Joe Biden else than someone that plays one on Television.

She showed her desire to add her voice to many others who previously endorsed Biden as a president of the United States. Just imagine the difference to have a president who not only listened to the science, put realities over fiction, but brought the nation together. At the end of the event, the former vice president also acknowledged that he wished to endorse Hilary Clinton’s re-election bid. She might prepare much more for the coronavirus outbreak the nation is now facing.

Clinton announced her appearance in a tweet

The Democratic nominee of 2016 announced her appearance at the town hall event on Twitter as a guest. She showed her excitement to appear as a guest in the Biden’s event.

For his part, Biden retweets Clinton tweet, adding his comments that I am with her, a signal to the former nominee of Democratic party slogan for her presidential campaign of 2026. The endorsement of Clinton drew almost rapid reaction from the campaign of Donald Trump, her formal opponent for the presidency. The campaign manager for the re-election campaign of the president states that there is no better reflection of Democratic establishment than Biden and Clinton together.

Both these Democrat members carry the luggage of decades in the Washington wetland, and these two connived to keep the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump beat Clinton once, and he would beat her chosen contender. The endorsement of Hilary Clinton of Joe Biden is a role setback for the two administration officials of Barack Obama, who once appeared as opponents in the Democratic primary of 2008 as well as expected to face off in the presidential contest of 2016, before the announcement of Biden not to seek nomination following his son’s death in 2015.

Hillary Clinton endorses Former Vice President Biden

The former vice president campaigned for Hilary Clinton in the presidential campaign of 2016 but offered criticism of the campaign of Clinton following her defeat for not communicating more openly to middle-class Americans’ concerns throughout the contest. Earlier this month, Senator Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and former President Barack Obama all announced their endorsement of Biden as a president.

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