Trump was the first racist to elect as President – Biden

Trump was the first racist to elect as President – Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, said on Wednesday that Donald Trump was the first-ever American racist to win the presidency. Biden’s the sharp assessment of the President – more direct than the former vice president offered in the past – came at a virtual town hall held by the Service Employees International Union, after a worker from health care department said that she migrated from South Korea told Joe Biden that White Americans racially profiled her at the supermarket.

Biden expressed that he felt so angry after hearing the experience of a woman. Moreover, the former vice president also said that he shared her problem with Trump, referring to the COVID-19 as the Chinese virus and accused the president of his spreading of racism. Biden said that the way he interacts with citizens based on their national origin, their skin color. And it is totally sickening. No U.S. sitting president ever did this before. Also, not any Republican president did this.

Further, he said that racism still exists in the United States either in the shape of citizens or the form of a president. Several times, Trump and his administration referred to the COVID-19 as the Chinese virus, Kung flu, the Wuhan virus. Biden blames Donald Trump of using the origin of the virus as a wedge. The way the president pits people against each other is all intends to divide the people, divide the country, not influencing them to stay together.

Trump was the first racist to elect as President – Biden
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Trump campaign adviser Katrina Pierson response to Biden

Katrina Pierson, the senior campaign adviser of Donald Trump, says in a statement that the president loves every national, working hard to empower all American peoples. Besides any Republican presidential candidate, now in modern history, Black voters are supporting him at another level. Nobody should take lectures from Joe Biden on racial justice. The comments of Biden that Donald Trump is the first racist to win the presidential seat overlooks the reality that the U.S. elected twelve presidents who owned slaves, and that several others openly and privately made racist comments.

Viewed through the modern politics’ lens, the reference of Biden to racists that tried to elect as president might refer to ex-Alabama governor and segregationist George Wallace’s 3rd party bid in 1968. Symone Sanders, the senior adviser of Biden, states after the comments of the president that Trump was unique, specifically in modern history, because racism was a fundamental theme in this campaign.

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