Tesla restarts California Factory by challenging county orders

Tesla restarts California Factory manufacturing by opposing county orders

The dispute between Tesla, the electric vehicle company, and the California local officials about the restarting of the manufacturing facility worsened on Monday when Elon Musk, the chief executive of the company, tweeted about his future plans and cited the possibility for arrest. Musk wrote on Twitter that Tesla is resuming production today against Alameda County rules. He will be on the front line with his workers, and if authorities arrest anyone, He asks that it only be him.

Tesla filed a lawsuit against Alameda County

It is the current major example of an influential business tycoon challenging local health orders amid the response of the authorities to the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, Tesla filed a lawsuit against Alameda County, the location of its HQ, looking for a ban against officials’ orders to stay closed. The lawsuit suspected violations of the outstanding process and equal protection clauses of the fourteenth Amendment. On Saturday, Musk threatens to pull out the HQ of Tesla from California if the authorities continue to stop him reopening the factory manufacturing.

A spokeswoman for Alameda County, Neetu Balram, stated that the county hoped to work in collaboration with Tesla to avoid any further boom to the issue. Balram adds that they are dealing with the issue with the same phased approach that they used for other businesses that violated the County Order in the past. She expresses her hope that Tesla will also comply without further enforcement measures. Furthermore, she adds that the officials came to know on Monday that Tesla was steering business beyond the lowest basic operations.

Balram adds that they were expecting that Tesla would submit their plan late Monday, specifying how it would restart. The authorities look forward to reviewing the plan of Tesla and coming to an agreement on the code of behavior as well as a timeline to resume operations safely. Fremont law enforcement agencies would need to impose the order of the county. The department didn’t instantly respond to request for the statement. On Saturday, the mayor of the city announced the support of Tesla.

County Supervisor accepted his defeat to stop Musk from disobeying an order

Scott Haggerty, the Alameda County Supervisor, said in an interview that as negotiation continues with Musk but he couldn’t stop him from breaching the health order. He credited the tough stance of the county to continue to stop businesses in part with the low occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the county, around two thousand cases, and seventy-one deaths.

Haggerty said that on the possibility of arrests of Musk, he would sincerely hope not. He adds that he does not think that it is a good perspective for anybody – specifically someone that is employing ten thousand of your residents. Thus, cooler heads need to overcome this. On the request for comment, Tesla refused to do so.

Little enforcement of Social Distancing practices

Two workers at the Fremont facilities of Tesla on the condition to keep their names secret said that they concerned about the rapid escalation of production. One worker who reported the facility over the weekend said that people worked in groups, while the factory officials lightly enforce the social distance practices.co

Returning employees revealed an informational video about the immediate need to follow strict social distancing and given masks. In the meantime, the Tesla facility started once again to manufacture Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. Everyone was walking here and there without their mask on their faces, talking, hanging out with each other, and it is scary, according to the worker.

California relaxed restrictions

Earlier this month, the California Governor, Gavin Newsom announced to ease restrictions by allowing some selective commerce and manufacturing businesses to restart. However, stricter orders of the county surpass the state rules. Tesla said on Saturday that it planned to resume manufacturing, and laid out a dispute for how it might safely reopen working.

Tesla restarts California Factory by challenging county orders

Musk tweeted earlier this day to move Palo Alto headquarters of Tesla, located in another county of California, to Nevada or Texas and attacked the response of the Alameda County.


Musk called the coronavirus as dumb

Elon Musk frequently played with the seriousness and risk of the COVID-19 pandemic; at one stage, he called the panic dumb. Late last month, on the earnings call of the company, he called the measures regarding quarantine as fascist and used swear words to describe what he saw as by force imprisoning people in their homes against their U.S. constitutional rights.

The unpredictable behavior of Musk continued this month when he said in a tweet that the stock price of Tesla hit too high, sending company shares plunging during the middle of trading on 1st May. Since at that point, he repeatedly criticized the stay home orders, saying Tesla unethically singled out among giant auto manufacturers and railing against the officials of California.

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