Australian Regulator files lawsuit against Google over location data misuse

Australian Regulator files lawsuit against Google for location's data misuse

A regulator of Australia filed a lawsuit against Google and accused it was deceiving the smartphone users, the way it gathered, and used the personal data of location, initiating an international crackdown of the biggest tech companies of the world. ACCC (The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) said the domestic Google unit did not tell its Android operating system users for about two years that they required to shut down two settings, not only one if they did not want the firm to save their information.

On Tuesday, the ACCC wrote in a Federal Court filing that the conduct of Google caused users to realize that Google didn’t took their personal location data. While actually, the personal information was being obtained by Google. The deceptive statistics shared by Google meant that its users could not make an informed option. A spokeswoman of Google said that the firm would defend the issue, that Google was reviewing the allegations of ACCC, and it would make positive actions to engage with the regulator.

The proceeded lawsuit,  the first of many others the ACCA said it would follow against the national arms of giant tech companies such as Google and social media king Facebook when it called for harder laws concerning content sharing and privacy. Previously, EU countries seized on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules to lead in big tech companies. A regulator belongs to France, fined Google about $55.5 million (50 million euros) in January for breaches of privacy laws.

Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland also Investigating Google

Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland is also doing an investigation of Google over a complaint claiming privacy laws breach. Whereas Facebook settled in July to a record-breaking five billion dollars fine in the U.S. to resolve privacy concerns of its use of user’s data in the presidential election of 2016. The ACCC said that the lawsuit of Australia against Google is looking for vague penalties and orders necessitating Google’s publication of corrective notices. In its lawsuit, the Australian regulator said that Google failed to clarify that people should turn off two settings based on location, Web & App Activity, and Location History, to stop the firm from taking and using data from either.

Australian Regulator files lawsuit against Google over location data misuse

The Australian regulator said Google further deceived consumers and broke the consumer law of Australia by telling them the only way to stop the firm from collecting their location-based data was to stop using its major services like Google Maps and Google Search. Rod Sims, the ACCC Chair, told the reporters that they want announcements that the recent behavior should not continue. He added, they want weighty penalties, and Google should clearly tell people what they did, intending to give them more aware of what data they collected and for what purpose they used it. According to the website of the Federal Court, the concerned matter scheduled for a case management hearing on November 14. However, according to Google’s spokeswoman, the firm would defend the case filed against them.

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