Cruise Missiles Pounds Ukraine as Moscow Eyes Bakhmut

The Russian military forces shelled East European Ukraine with missiles on Feb. 16 and also hit its petroleum refinery.

Cruise Missiles Pounds Ukraine as Moscow Eyes Bakhmut

In the latest wave of air strikes, Putin’s military forces shelled East European Ukraine with missiles on Feb. 16 and hit its petroleum refinery, according to the Officials in Kyiv, while the Chief of PMC Wagner paramilitary organization foretold the long-besieged Bakhmut city in the country’s East would take at least some weeks to fall.

Additionally, the Air Force of Ukraine said that following a pattern of heavy shelling after Ukrainian battleground or diplomatic successes, Moscow Armed Forces fired around three dozen missiles early Thursday morning. The Russian missiles triggered air-raid alarms and struck across Ukraine, including the Kremenchuk Oil Refinery in the Poltava region. However, the e of damage to the oil refinery was uncertain.

The Ukrainian Air Force said nearly sixteen missiles were destroyed. The Defense Ministry said the latest barrage of missiles included three high-speed anti-radiation KH-31 missiles and one Russian supersonic P-800 Oniks anti-ship cruise missile, which, unfortunately, Kyiv’s Air Defense couldn’t destroy.

In the meantime, Belarus in Eastern Europe, which let the Russian military use its land to send personnel at the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war, said it would only fight along with its partner if it were targeted. The Law Enforcement in the former Soviet republic of Moldova, where Moldova’s state legislative authority on Feb. 16 approved a new pro-Western administration, said they once more discovered missile wreckage close to the Ukrainian border.

Oslo Allocated Funds for Ukrainian Armed Forces

It’s also reported that strengthened by thousands of military reservists, Moscow has extended its ground attacks across eastern and southern Ukraine, and a major new offensive appears to be making as the first anniversary of its unjustifiable 24 February incursion approaches.

In its evening report, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that the Russian invaders had also bombarded several Ukrainian settlements in the country’s South and East. Furthermore, according to media reports, there were no remarks from Russia on the latest missile attack or bombardment, and media outlets couldn’t independently confirm the battleground numbers.

Cruise Missiles Pounds Ukraine as Moscow Eyes Bakhmut
Cruise Missiles Pounds Ukraine as Moscow Eyes Bakhmut
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The brutal conflict has taken the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people, pulverized the towns and cities in Ukrainian, destabilized the world economy and displaced millions of Ukrainian residents. And Berlin said that 1.1M people arrived from war-ravaged Ukraine alone last year, surpassing its record migrant influx of 2015-2016.

In order to support Ukraine in its defense against Russian violence, Oslo approved an assistance package on Feb. 16 worth USD 7.4 Bn for Ukrainians, which will run over 5 years. The aid money will be divided evenly between humanitarian and security support, with nearly USD 1.5 Bn being allocated per year.


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