Moscow Claims 75% Control of Bakhmut

Russian officials claimed that they had got control over 75% of Bakhmut.

Russia Claims 75% Control of Bakhmut

The battle at Bakhmut has been the deadliest and most devastating since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, and analysts are comparing it to World War One due to mass destruction on both sides. Ukrainian ground forces commander claims that Russian troops have been doing “scorched earth” practices, destroying buildings, and firing continuously at defense positions with air strikes. Russia claims that it has got control over 75% of Bakhmut City.

Denis Pushilin, Moscow-installed regional leader, shared his video on Telegram showing his visit to a small mining city where recently Russia and Ukraine fought aggressively. In the footage, Pushilin is wearing body armor and can be seen in ruined areas, and explosion sounds are also audible in his background. He reported to the Russian channel Rossiya-24 and claimed he was sure that Moscow’s troops had control of more than 75% of Bakhmut City. Further, he said it was too early to talk about Kyiv’s yield on Bakhmut.

Moscow claims that the fall of Bakhmut will create possibilities for more attacks on Ukraine in the future. West and Kyiv claim that the destroyed city, which Russia claims 75% control had no importance to them. In the video from an unknown location, Pushilin showed the advanced assault of the Russian Wagner Group over Bakhmut.

Moscow Military Claims 75% Control of Bakhmut
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Germany’s More Aid to Ukraine

The German government delivered another military aid to Kyiv to help it fight the Russian aggression and strengthen its battleground position. As reported, Ukraine has been preparing for a spring offensive that aims to surprise Moscow’s armies; this military aid by Berlin would be significantly important. Germain aid includes an antenna mast system, drones and ammunition, small and heavy bridges, and a lot more. Berlin has also sent 18 Leopard 2A6 tanks, and reportedly, Germany is the most significant military aid donor to Kyiv in Europe.

Here is the list of the latest aid supplied to Kyiv by Germany.

  • Two mine-clearing tanks
  • Two mine clearing tanks WISENT 1
  • 160,000 first-aid kits
  • 000 tourniquets
  • 90 drone detection systems
  • Two hangar tents
  • 155mm precision-guided ammunition
  • Eight lift trucks
  • 295 generators
  • 122 border protection vehicles
  • Six bridge-laying tanks BEAVER
  • 26 load-handling trucks
  • Ten roll-off containers
  • 40 laser target designators
  • 145 Pick-ups
  • 168 mobile heating systems
  • 15 armored recovery vehicles Bergepanzer 2
  • 12-tank transporter tractor M1070 Oshkosh
  • 55 anti-drone sensors and jammers
  • Ten remote surface vessels
  • Mi-24 spare parts
  • 17 heavy and medium bridge systems
  • air defense system Iris-T SLM
  • 50 bunker-buster missiles
  • 100,000 hand grenades
  • 5,300 explosive charges
  • 350,000 detonators
  • Ten anti-drone guns
  • 100 auto-injector devices
  • 125 binoculars
  • One radio frequency system
  • 353 night vision goggles
  • 165 field glasses
  • 38 laser range finders
  • MiG-29 spare parts
  • 30 protected vehicles
  • 7,944 man-portable anti-tank weapons RGW 90 Matador


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