Pakistan’s Air force Hit Down two Indian Aircraft in Kashmir

Pakistan’s Air force Hit Down two Indian Aircraft in Kashmir

The officials of Pakistan government blamed that their Air force shot down two Indian Jets in the Pakistani territory after LOC violation from Indian aircraft. A spokesman said that a plane has fallen in the Pakistani area and two pilots have arrested. Pakistan has also rejected that one of its jets has destroyed. India confirmed the loss of MiG21 fighter and said that their pilot is missing. They told that agencies are investigating the arrest reports of the pilot.  Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir, but both control its specific part. After the independence of Britain in the UK from Britain in 1947, both the nuclear forces have fought three wars. All the battles but one they fought over Kashmir.

After the war in 1971, it is the first incident of the air strikes across the Line of Control (LOC), which divides the Indian and Pakistani territory. Indians follow a militant attack in Kashmir, killing 40 Indian soldiers – during the three decades in Kashmir, the most significant incident during the rebellion against the Indian rule. A Pakistan-based group has admitted that it attacked. But on Tuesday, the conflict dramatically grows when India said that they had done an air strike on the militant training base resulting in 300 casualties’. The attack targeted Jaish e Mohammad militants, and the group claimed credit for a suicide attack. But when India said that a large number of JeM fighters had been killed, in response Pakistani authorities said that Indian air strikes failed and could not harm them.

In Delhi, the BBC’s Soutik Biswas has said that it is now challenging for both Pakistan and India is to handle the things properly before they get out of control.

Statement of Pakistan’s DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor

Pakistani Force spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Indian air force strayed into Pakistan’s territory, after which Pakistan has carried out air strikes in Indian occupied Kashmir. He said in a tweet that Pakistan Air Force hit down two Indian fighter jets inside the Pakistani airspace. Further, Ghafoor stated that Pakistani forces arrested one Indian pilot. A few hours later Major General Ghafoor did a press conference in which he repeated all the above incidents and warned the Indian armed forces not to take them easy.

Viral Video of Captured Indian Pilot

Meanwhile, the video of capturing Indian pilot got viral on social media networks. One can see that civilians were beating the Indian pilot and the Pakistani army personnel were trying to escape him from civilian’s anger. Another video of a pilot also leaked in which his eyes covered. And he was asking about his service number and mission. He answered a few questions adequately while he excused answering some of them that they may be confidential for their force and country.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Press Conference after Indian Aircrafts Shot Down

In the evening, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan did a press conference which broadcasted on all Pakistani private and government channels. He ordered all his armed forces to get ready for any enemy’s attack and give them a proper response in their language.

On the other side, Indian airlines suspended several flights on their airports after the current situation and attack from the Pakistani Air Force. The Airlines Vistara, GoAir, Jet Airways, and Indigo announced their flight suspensions to the airports at Chandigarh, Jammu & Leh, Srinagar, and Amritsar.

Earlier on this Wednesday morning, the Foreign Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj said that India doesn’t want more escalation with Pakistan. While talking at the meeting of foreign ministers of India, China, and Russia, she said that the strike was not a military operation. However, a tactical attack against the terrorist group Jaish e Mohammad done to destroy their infrastructure. Also, she stated that Indian operation on Pakistani land done due to the reason that Pakistan was continuously refusing to acknowledge the presence of militant groups in their territory. According to her statement, their operation done on the basis of credible information from their intelligence. They have the info that terror groups for planning for further attacks in other parts of the country.

Role of the United States for the Peace between Pakistan and India

United State Sectary of State Mike Pompeo debates with same positioned persons in Pakistan and India to solve all the issues peacefully. Furthermore, he urges both nations to avoid escalation at any cost and exercise restraint. He also said that he encouraged both countries’ ministers to focus on direct communication and try to prevent further military activities across the border. Because if the military attacks and counterattacks continue, it will cause trouble for peace of the whole region and innocent civilians will kill on both sides.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Statement

After few hours of the Indian Tuesday’s airstrikes, during the election rally, Indian Prime Minister Modi said that their attacks were not in attacking mode, but they aimed at protecting their homeland. He assured to the people in the rally that the country is in safe hands and there is nothing to fear from their enemy.

While Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah honored the courage and bravery of his armed forces in a tweet on Twitter, he said that Indian aircraft’s solid action on militant’s training camps in Pakistan shows the will and resolve of New India. Their country will not spare the enemies on any cost, and they didn’t allow any terror acts in their territory.

He further stated that the government of India was planning how to react on the February militant attack in the Indian occupied Kashmir. They were conducting raids from the last two weeks to eradicate the terrorism and activist groups from the region. After the Indian airstrikes scuffles along the Line of Control started which continues till the moment.

Indian Army spokesperson Devender Anand stated to CNN that Pakistani forces opened fire at fifteen different places across the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. After the Pakistani troop’s attacks, there are about five Indian soldiers injured.

Role of China on the Present Situation of Pakistan and India

After the airstrikes broke the news from both countries, China emphasizes both Pakistan and India to practice restraint. It is a point to note that China is a country which is sharing borders with both these countries. It will directly face the economic effects if the war between Pakistan and India will begin. During a daily press briefing on Tuesday, spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Lu Kang said that both Pakistan and India are essential countries in South Asia. Moreover, he told that they are hopeful that both nations will practice restraint. Also they take those actions which are helpful for the prosperity, stability, and peace of the whole region. They are optimistic that both sides try to develop their mutual relation and resolve all their conflicting matters on the table.

Historical background of Kashmir

Kashmir is located between Pakistan and India and is mostly consists of mountains. After the partition of Pakistan and India in 1947, both countries fight for this region resulting in three wars and many other small battles on different points.

The February suicide car bomb attack on the Indian Army came after over two years of the armed militants attack Indian army base in the garrison town of Uri, which results in casualties of 18 Indian troops. Later, Indian officials said that they made the ground attacks with their forces to target the terrorists across the Line of Control in the response of Uri attack. Whereas, Pakistani Officials denied those attacks of Indian ground troops. Few days after the 2019 suicide attack on the Indian army, four further army soldiers executed during a gunfight with the rebels in the district of Pulwama in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Since 1989, above 47,000 civilians have killed due to the separatist violence in the region. While the persons who disappeared during the conflict in the area not included in the above figure. Besides, few human rights organizations stated that the real death toll in the Kashmir region might come twice from the above statistics.


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