Donald Trump forced European allies for Efforts to revoke Captured Several ISIS fighters for Trial in Syria

Trump forced European allies to revoke Captured ISIS fighters for Trial

On a social media website, Trump said that the Caliphate ready to fall. And its alternative not well enough that we will supposed to release them forcefully. The US President Donald Trump tweeted that the US is requesting France, Britain, Germany and other allies to step forward for taking efforts to take back more than 800 ISIS captured fighters in Syria for their court trial. On Saturday Reuters reported that the US supports the ISIS fighters in Syria and assured to capture the so-called Islamic State’s last, minute area on the Euphrates.

Donald J. Trump said in a tweet that the United State does not need to see these ISIS fighters to fill Europe, that the place where they estimated to go. They did too much and spent a lot; now it’s time for other allies to step forward and do their work because they are so accomplished to do that. And they are dragging back after 100% Caliphate victory.

Territorial Defeat of ISIS

The assaulted commander by the Syrian Democratic Forces, Jiya Furat stated that they had focused the left behind militants in a Baghouz village’s neighborhood nearby the Iraqi border. Questions raised about the destiny of Washington’s Kurdish allies and the involvement of Turkey in northeast Syria when Trump confirmed to withdraw forces from Syria after the territorial defeat of ISIS.

The issue started after the interview of Briton Shamima Begum, earlier, she found in a refugee camp in northern Syria when she just 15. Now, Shamima Begum is heavily pregnant, and she is nineteen whereas she said in a camp interview that she felt no regret to join ISIS. On the other side, the interior minister of the United Kingdom said that they would not hesitate to save the Britons return who becomes the part of ISIS, a terrorist group.

Should Shamima Begum Allowed to Enter UK

Ex U.K Finance Minister George Osborne stated to CNBC’s Hadley Gamble at the Munish Security Conference that the Shamima Begum should be allowed by the government. He said that he didn’t consider it possible for the Britain government to say that it is some other’s problem and they not allowed to enter the UK or to go to leave them on another part of the earth. He further added that making people stateless is not a good solution nor a bit of justice for those people. Anybody is asking other states for help when they are already facing their own problems and complications is not a good practice.

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Jens Stoltenberg, the Sectary General of NATO, gives his statement while speaking to CNBC that he had too many concerns about the worldwide fighters who wished to return home because ISIS collapsed after efforts of allied forces.


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