Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Joe Biden 9 point Lead over Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Many of the eligible voters of Wisconsin rate the United States economy negatively and majorly concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps to clarify Joe Biden’s plus points in the 2020 presidential race, in the Fox News Poll released on Wednesday. Now the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee has a nine-point lead over Donald Trump, the President of the United States. This lead is up from a five-point edge in January and is outside the margin of sampling error of the poll. The other eleven percent are not committed.

The primary reason the president trails the Democratic contender is the lack of his party support. As eighty-five percent of Republicans support Trump, whereas ninety-three percent of Democrats support Biden and eight percent of Republican leaders don’t support Biden. Furthermore, only eighty-seven percent of those who approve of the work performance of Trump support his reelection.

In general, more eligible voters trust the former vice president tothe presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee has a nine-point lead over Donald Trump handle the coronavirus pandemic better (+14) and race relations (+22). On the other hand, voters preferred Trump over Biden to handle the country’s economy (+3). Below a quarter (twenty-two percent) rate the economy positively, while three quarters (seventy-six percent) say it is poor or only fair.

Trump and Biden’s support from which groups of the society?

Those voters who rate the economy negatively choose Biden by twenty-six points, while trust him to handle the economy by a sixteen-point lead. Donald Trump receives some of his biggest support from White Americans without a college degree (plus nineteen points), white evangelical Christians (plus twenty-nine), likewise self-described very conservatives (plus eighty-one).

The lead of Biden comes from strong support among women (plus twenty points), suburban voters (plus fourteen), and independents (plus eight). Extremely interested voters give the former vice president a fifteen-point lead over the president (55-40 percent). Moreover, more supporters of Biden (seventy-one percent) that the supporters of Trump (sixty-three percent) extremely interested in voting in the election.

By an eight-point margin, more have a favorable fifty-two percent than unfavorable forty-four percent view of Joe Biden. Trump’s views are net negative by twelve points, forty-three percent favorable, and fifty-five percent unfavorable. Some sixty-four percent of voters of Wisconsin had a negative view of Trump in 2016.

However, twenty-one percent of those who disliked the Republican nominee still voted for him – today, just two percent who dislike him back his reelection. Donald Trump won Wisconsin by around 22,748 votes, below one percentage point. The recent poll, released Wednesday, shows forty-five percent approve his performance as a president and fifty-four percent disapprove – mostly unchanged since January (forty-six to fifty-three percent).

Wisconsin Governor approach to reopening the states’ economy

Tony Evers, the Democratic governor of Wisconsin, gathers better margins: sixty percent approve his performance during the coronavirus pandemic, whereas thirty-six percent disapprove it. Twenty-six percent of Republican leaders support him, while six percent Democrats approve of Trump.

Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump in Wisconsin

The approach of Ever to restart the economy of Wisconsin gets mixed reviews. Thirty-one percent of voters say he is moving correctly, twenty-five percent say too slowly, and thirty-six percent say that things are going right even though Evers may hit the right balance.

Less than half of the Democratic think Evers is moving speedily about forty-three percent, while only half of Republicans believe he is restarting the state’s economy too slowly around fifty percent. Two-third or sixty-six percent voters of Wisconsin concerned about catching COVID-19 pandemic, and three-quarters of seventy-seven percent voters thought positively and wear face coverings.

Over two to one margin of the voters think that Trump must set an example for the U.S. nationals by wearing a face mask (sixty-five to twenty-nine percent). Joe Biden also criticizes President Trump for mocking face masks. Among Republican leaders, thirty-three percent believe that the president should wear a face mask, and sixty-four percent have a favorable opinion of people who wear face masks.

The Fox News Poll conducted from 30th May to 2nd June 2020 under the mutual direction of Beacon Research and Shaw & Company. It includes interviews with 801 voters of Wisconsin and randomly picked from a statewide voter file. These selected voters spoke with live interviewers on cellphones and landlines. The above poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5% for all eligible voters.

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