State Department of US warns Iran after threats against citizen of US

State Department of US warns Iran after threats against its US citizen

The State Department of the United States is giving warning to Iran as it takes the threat of Tehran seriously and will hold it responsible if it compromises American people safety. Whereas, the spokesperson of the U.S. State Department, Morgan Ortagus tweeted on the official account after the announcement of Iran for sanctions against Mark Dubowitz and his foundation for what it titled economic terrorism of the U.S.

The outlaw regime present in Iran gives out a threat against @FDD, a think tank of America and its Chief Executive. Whereas, the United States takes the threat of regime seriously. Ortagus said that they mean to hold the responsibility of Iran for openly or indirectly compromising any American safety.

Approvals of Iranian Foreign Ministry

Semi-official Mehr news agency of Iran stated that earlier, the Foreign Ministry of Iran announced approvals on the (FDD) Foundation for Defense of Democracies and Dubowitz its chief executive for raising the U.S. sanctions; impact on the nation of Iran. Mehr reported that the foreign ministry condemns Dubowitz as well as his think tank in his statement for spreading lies, propaganda and lobbyism against Iran and equates the FDD actions with economic terrorism of the U.S. Moreover, the Mehr report cited a law would legitimize any taken action by courts or security apparatuses of Iran against those who threatened the national security of the country.

State Department of US warns Iran after threats against citizen of US

Furthermore, in 2017, the parliament of Iran passed the “Countering America’s Human Rights Violations and Terrorist Actions” law allows that any action taken by security and judiciary apparatuses against the Foundation of Defense of Democracies and their Iranian and non-Iranian partners will considered legitimate as their activities are against the national security of Iran and the people of Iran and government’s interest.


Moreover, according to FDD, it does independent research & analysis on security issues at the national level, whereas Iran forbids those freedoms at home as well as would like to do so abroad.

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