Biden wants women soccer players equal wages to men

Biden wants women soccer players equal Pay to men

Joe Biden, the former U.S. Vice President and Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, threaten to cut funding to the United States Soccer Federation if women do not get equal salaries to their male counterparts. On Friday, a federal judge dismissed the claims of players and rejected the team’s fight for equal pay. The female players claimed that the officials paid them less than the men’s national team.

The presumptive presidential 2020 nominee of the Democratic party encouraged the national team of women in a tweet on Saturday afternoon to not give up their fight for equal pay. He wrote on Twitter that the game not over yet. He demands U.S. soccer management to give equal pay, now. Otherwise, he warned that during his presidency, he would stop World Cup funding if they don’t fulfill his demands.

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Biden also supported women soccer players back in 2019

Biden didn’t back the United States women’s national soccer team (USWNT) for the first time. Back in 2019, on his twitter account, he sent his best wishes to the team for their match against Chile in the World Cup. He wrote on his twitter account that we cheer them on in the World Cup match, we must back their fight off the field for equal salaries. In 2019, it was past time the officials close the pay gap between males and females and ensure women get paid as same as men. He adds hashtag #OneNationOneTeam to support the women’s team.

The USWNT initially filed a litigation against the United States Soccer Federation in March 2019, with twenty-eight members of the team listed as accusers. According to a court filing, the presiding of Friday issued in reply to a motion for summary ruling to dismiss the petition by the federation in the United States District of California.

Biden wants women soccer players equal wages to men

The lawsuit alleges the payment practices of the United States Soccer Federation were discriminatory and unfair. Judge R. Gary Klausner said in his verdict that USWNT members failed to prove any type of salary discrimination under the U.S. Equal Pay Act. He added, the women’s team played more matches than men and more cash than the men’s team. A spokeswoman for the women players, Molly Levinson, said that they would appeal the judge’s decision against women’s team. Court scheduled the trial for 16th June.


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