GOP Senators Show Support for $12B Aid to Ukraine

GOP Congressmen expressed tentative support for further support to Ukrainians.

GOP Senators Show Support for $12B Aid to Ukraine

According to US officials, GOP Congressmen expressed tentative support for further support to Ukrainians that the current American government has asked for following a closely concealed briefing late on Monday, though the lawmakers are anticipated to put an end to other top Biden-Harris Administration’s priorities from the coming stopgap bill to avoid a government shutdown.

President Joe Biden’s government has requested 12 bn dollars in assistance to the war-torn country Ukraine to be added to the ongoing funding bill that is required to avert the government shutdown. Republican backing is vital because at least ten GOPs would be needed to vote in favor to avoid delaying tactics.

In addition, the U.S. Senator for Texas, John Cornyn III, a GOP, said yesterday that representatives are still negotiating the makeup composition of an assistance package for Kyiv. However, a Texas GOP Senator noted that it would be nearly 11 bn dollars which could include financial, humanitarian, and security assistance.

US Sen. Mike Rounds from South Dakota, who is also a minority member of the Committee on Armed Services, said that he’s open to negotiations regarding the addition of twelve billion dollars in more assistance for Ukraine to the continuing resolution (CR). And U.S. Sen. Richard Lynn Scott, from Florida, also serving on the Armed Services Committee, said he is optimistic that Ukrainian assistance shouldn’t be linked to it.

Furthermore, Rick Scott said of the US government’s new request that he hasn’t seen a particularization of how exactly they intend to spend the funds. Mr. Scott added whatever they do on Ukraine; they should keep it separate from the continuing resolution. Scott also ponders they’ve got a clean continuing resolution that moves through the United States Congress.

GOP Senators Show Support for $12B Aid to Ukraine
GOP Senators Show Support for $12B Aid to Ukraine
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Ukrainian President Zelenskyy: No Lull in Push to Regain Lost Land

According to media reports, the discussions came at a crucial moment in Moscow’s war in the East European state of Ukraine. The American officials broadly assess Kyiv’s recent momentum and battlefield successes as evidence that the type of weaponry and intelligence that Europe has been delivering to the Ukrainian military recently has proven to be productive.

Recently, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, said there’d be no reduction in the intensity of its military’s highly successful counter-attack against the Russian Armed Forces to recapture the lost land and territory.

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