House Speaker may hide Confederate statues of leaders

House Speaker Pelosi may hide Confederate statues of leaders

Congress, the House of Representatives, might hide some of the statues of Confederate dotting the Capitol into some dark corner outside of the public view to escape an extensive fight over removing statues totally that states want on display. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, did it once before. During her initial term as a House Speaker, she moved the Confederate statue of General Robert E. Lee of Virginia from eminence in Statuary Hall, to the crypt, one level less.

On Thursday, Pelosi trumpeted her authority to demote Robert E. Lee to the crypt. She adds that she could move things around. She could not, in fact, take them out. That needs something else. However, she wants to eradicate the controversial statues, she is open to using her moving authority again if important parties do not agree to take them down.

On Thursday, she told reporters that they would see and she always like to gear up with a feather. Let’s see how his administration can have consent about this. Some specific statues on display in the Capitol are at the states’ discretion. In addition, each state receives two icons honor at the Capitol on Saturday Hall, and it is on the officials of the state to choose who will be on display. Whereas Congress cannot remove the statues individually, they have the choice to move their location in the Capitol.

Statues across United States deface, fallen, and targeted for removal

The discussion at the Capitol is intense as symbols of the Alliance are coming in down with quick speed countrywide. During the last few days, statues across the country deface, fallen, and targeted for removal as demonstrators demand that symbols of the painful American history of racial inequality and slavery no longer celebrated. Protesters pulled down the Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ bronze statue in Richmond, Va. Similarly, a Confederate memorial in Jacksonville, Fla. fell down on Tuesday morning.

Moreover, one day earlier, a thirty-five-foot monument honored for Confederate soldiers in Indianapolis also taken down by protesters. Birmingham’s mayor led the removal of Sailors and Confederate Soldiers Monument seven days ago. The House Speaker called for the removal of around a dozen Confederate statues of officers and soldiers, from the United States Capitol building on Wednesday, following the George Floyd’s death under police custody and several days protests against racial injustice countrywide.

The halls of Congress are the very heart of U.S. democracy

On Wednesday, Pelosi wrote in a letter to Joint Committee on the Vice Chair Zoe Lofgren and the Library Chairman Roy Blunt. The halls of Congress are a very key point of the United States democracy. The statues in the Capitol should represent the uppermost ideals as U.S. nationals, expressing who we want to be as a nation.

House Speaker may hide Confederate statues of leaders
Confederate statue. Source: Web

Pelosi mentioned that two of the statues at present in National Statuary Hall, a milestone in the Capitol housing several historical members. Those are the statues of the president, Jefferson Davis and vice president, Alexander Stephens of the Confederate States – both of them charged with betrayal against the United States. Pelosi said that they committed disloyalty against America, and their statues still present in National Statuary Hall because their state put them here.

Pelosi has the authority to control the statues’ locations on the House side of the Capitol. However, any decision to fully remove given statues – and surely on the Senate side of the Capitol and in the Capitol Rotunda, must make mutually between the Senate and House. The House Speaker drew up the countrywide demands for justice and racial equality in the wake of the death of Floyd and termed it as the best timing to remove these statues from pro-slavery figures. These statues have to remove from the Capitol.

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