Russian Forces Fully Withdraw from Kyiv, Chernihiv – Pentagon

Pentagon says the Russian military has completed its pullout from Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and northern city of Chernihiv.

Russian Forces Fully Withdraw from Kyiv, Chernihiv – Pentagon

On Wednesday, according to the Pentagon assessment, the Russian military has completed its pullout from the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv, and the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv, as Putin prepares to accumulate its aggressive troops in the country’s Eastern region. These Russian troops, which could number equal to forty thousand according to the NY-Times, will possibly concentrate in Belarus.

Speaking anonymously under terms set by the Defense Department, a senior US defense official said that they’re assessing that all of the Russian forces have now withdrawn. However, the Russians’ complete departure was confirmed only in the past 24-hours, according to that source, warning that the Putin-led military might have left mines.

The United States and Western intelligence officials have been pursuing for days that Moscow is in the midst of reorienting after coming across severe opposition and suffering thousands of military casualties in Ukraine’s North.

Russia relishes greater support in the country’s East, where Ukrainian military forces and Russian-supported forces have been locked in a never-ending conflict. But while Moscow’s pullout from Kyiv appears to be finished, with several units receding through landlocked Belarus, however, the Defense Department has yet to observe those forces reenter Ukraine’s East, according to the Pentagon official.

Late on April 5, the U.S. proclaimed the approval of additional 100M dollars in military support for Ukrainian forces; an action performed to confirm Ukraine’s defensive forces would’ve the arms they need to fight for the southeastern Ukrainian region of Donbass, according to the defense official. Moreover, the Pentagon spokesman noted yesterday that there’s a chiefly urgent need for Javelin anti-tank missiles.

US Sending Switchblade Drones to Ukraine

Earlier in this week, America also sent Ukraine a hundred Switchblade systems, which could be loaded with explosives and flown into opponent targets. John Kirby added that a very small number of Ukrainian personnel getting military education and training in America had been educated on how to use the Switchblade.

Furthermore, the Switchblade drones having a range of 25 kilometers, could be used against tanks, trucks, and armored personnel carriers (APC). In the fresh testimony, Celeste A. Wallander, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, said that America had committed to sending Kyiv Switchblade drones.

Russian Forces Fully Withdraw from Kyiv, Chernihiv – Pentagon
Russian Forces Fully Withdraw from Kyiv, Chernihiv – Pentagon
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On Tuesday, Lloyd Austin, the United States Defense Secretary, said that the U.S. is sending Ukraine two variants of the Switchblade – Switchblade 300 & Switchblade 600. Austin told the House Armed Services Committee these will move as quickly as they probably can.

After Russian troops receded last week from Bucha, a city in Ukraine’s Kyiv Oblast, local officials blamed Moscow for launching a ‘massacre’ and said they had found hundreds of corpses in the mass grave and on the streets.

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