Trump Admin sues Bolton over book publication dispute

Trump Admin suit Bolton over book publication issue legally

On Tuesday, the Administration of Trump asked a federal judge to order John Bolton, the former national adviser to stop the publication of his awaiting book on his tenure at White House, arguing in a suit that Bolton broke non-disclosure pacts and now risking national security by revealing classified information.

The lawsuit filed in Washington, DC, U.S. federal court, claims that the 500-plus page document of Bolton consisted of classified information. According to prosecutors, Bolton backed pedal of an ongoing screening process for the book at White House that he obliged to do as a result of the agreements.

Prosecutors wrote that Bolton struck a bargain with the U.S. as a state of his employment in one of the important and most sensitive national security positions in the American Government. Now, he wants to break a promise on that bargain by individually deciding that the pre-publication evaluation process of the book is complete. Therefore, he is at the stage to decide whether to public the sensitive national information or not.

The months-long battle between the White House and Bolton

The suit marks the most important escalation of a pro-long conflict between the White House and Bolton over the publication of the book, which billed as an insider’s reproach of the foreign policy of U.S. President Donald Trump. The lawful approach in the case is one of the riskier tries in the last few years to stop an ex-adviser of Trump from recounting his experience and the long-shot attempt of the president’s Administration to stop the publication of the book raises key First Amendment implications.

Trump Admin sues Bolton over book publication dispute

The book of Bolton already shipped to warehouses ahead of its release of the schedule. He recorded an interview with ABC scheduled to air Sunday. A source familiar with the matter and close to him says he intended to publish the book as scheduled on Tuesday, and he expects to deal with any complications from the Administration in the outcome, not before. Chuck Cooper, the attorney of Bolton, says that they are reviewing the complaint of the Government and will respond in the matter.

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Simon & Schuster, the publisher of Bolton, states that the suit is nothing else than the latest in a long-running effort by the Administration to suppress publication of the book it believes unflattering to Trump. The statement said Bolton worked in full collaboration with the NSC in its pre-publication review to deal with its concerns, and Simon & Schuster completely supports his right of the First Amendment to tell the story of his time in the White House to the public.


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