Bernie Sanders stands on weird position – 2020 US Elections

Bernie Sanders tooks a weird position – US 2020 Elections

Here we will discuss four big storylines about the United States 2020 Presidential election campaign to comprehend the coming week trail. First of all, we will discuss the most important story of the upcoming week, and we will discuss others, respectively after this.

Bernie Sanders, the Prime Candidate

The democratic socialist of Vermont won the most popular vote in Iowa and claimed the win in the New Hampshire primary. In addition to this, voting suggests that he is the most favorite candidate going into Nevada’s upcoming weekend. Along with his superficial ability to raise money, online donor base – alone on January 25 million dollars raised – that make him the new leader in the Democratic contest.

Chris Traeger termed it a unique role than Bernie Sanders played accurately during his entire political career. Though this 2020 fall, Sanders is the most probable contender to head the Democratic Party against the current United States President, Donald Trump. Here are the two most important things to discuss: The first one is how comfortable or tough is Bernie for the opponents in that role. Whereas the second one, how challenging it will establish statistics inside the party contest to recognize him out of that role.

Bernie Sanders stands on weird position – 2020 US Elections

Joe Biden

The ex-vice president and former frontrunner in this race, the chances of Joe Biden are now dangling by a string following a 4th place finish in Iowa and a 5th in New Hampshire. Biden and his team continue to claim that everything is going normal and perfect because Hispanic and black voters have not voted yet. However, according to the polling figures in Nevada recommends Biden stayed behind Sanders. And his South Carolina’s lead is not what it was before. Besides, already there are too many gossips that the support of Biden in South Carolina is instantly wearing down.

The question raises for Biden during the six days earlier Nevada and thirteen days before South Carolina is if he can turn the storyline somehow, and there is still a lengthy pat to go on. Nobody likes to support anyone that they think he can not win, and the performance of Biden in the primary two states left that scent lasting on him. A solid 2nd position in Nevada might help him, but if he drops to 3rd or either below in the Silver State conferences, that will probably doom him in his South Carolina firewall.

The opponents of Bloomberg

Primary Democratic opponents of Michael Bloomberg (the Mayor of New York) are getting worried. Overall, opposition research is developing about his previous sayings, and doing that may not sit well with voters. His support for stop and play and repetitive remarks he gave defending that policy, that broadly observed as excessively disciplinary for Latino and black men. Bloomberg makes an apology for this doing. Whereas, his support for redlining, took as an extremely biased policy that led the state’s banks not to offer debt in low income, especially in heavily minority areas.

Elizabeth Warren

The senator of Massachusetts took as a bit of an overlooked contender these days – following a 3rd position finish in Iowa and a 4th place finish in New Hampshire. Although the path of Warren to the nomination appeared to depend on a victory in one of those two U.S. states, still signs of life even after her under impressive showings. Since Iowa, she raised six million dollars, a sign that her followers are not ready to withdraw just yet. Furthermore, she is standing on the 3rd place in new Nevada balloting, above former Mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg, and Senator of Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar.

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