About 50% of President Biden’s 500M COVID-19 Tests Still Not Claimed

About 50% of 500M free coronavirus tests the US government recently made accessible to Americans still have been unclaimed.

About 50% of President Biden’s 500M COVID-19 Tests Still Not Claimed

According to the US administration, about 50% of the 500M free coronavirus tests the President Joe Biden government recently made accessible to Americans still haven’t been claimed as COVID-19 infections dropped, and people in the U.S. feel less urgency to get tested for the fatal disease. Wild demand punches have been a storyline in the deadly coronavirus pandemic, from jabs to hand sanitizer, along with COVID-19 tests.

On the beginning day of the White House coronavirus test giveaway in January 2022, free at-home COVID-⁠19 tests ordering website ‘covidtests.gov’ received more than 45M test orders. However, the officials say less than one hundred thousand orders daily are arriving for the packages of 4 free rapid COVID-19 tests per family member, delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Furthermore, a senior adviser for testing on the White House COVID-19 Response Team, Dr. Tom Inglesby, said that until now, the White House perceives the program as progression to a deeper, more flexible, testing infrastructure that would house growing demands and remain on reserve when new infections decline. Inglesby added that they wholly plan to sustain this market, and they realize the market is volatile and will fluctuate with surges in new variants of SARS-CoV-2.

“Twice a Week”

According to the White House, US people have put 68M orders for coronavirus test packages, leaving nearly 45 percent of the stock to be ordered. Moreover, according to some independent health professionals said, COVID-19 testing will become more critical with face-covering requirements now relaxing.

A former Health Commissioner for Baltimore and public health communicator during the Coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Leana Sheryle Wen, said if infection control is still the urgency, coronavirus testing is essential. She adds that four tests per family member will ‘only last us one time.’ And there should be enough COVID-19 tests to test two times per week.

The U.S. President’s pivot to mass-testing came under pressure as the highly transmissible Omicron COVID-19 variant gained force just before Christmas. Coronavirus tests were annoyingly insufficient, and costly.  The White House is sensitive to condemnation that help might have come too late.

About 50% of President Biden’s 500M COVID-19 Tests Still Not Claimed
About 50% of President Biden’s 500M COVID-19 Tests Still Not Claimed
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In addition, the supply coordinator for the White House COVID-19 response team, Tim Manning, said that there’s no query some people found out they’re optimistic taking one of these coronavirus tests and can save others from getting infected from the lethal virus. But, according to the officials, overall, nearly 20-25 percent of the tests have gone to people living in distressed zones.

According to the updates from ‘The New York Times,’ 947000 Americans died of the fatal disease caused by coronavirus.

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