Google re-announced the Work from Home game

Google reannounced the Work remotely from Home strategy

On Monday, Google told workers that they could work from home (WFH) until July 2021. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, wrote in a note to employees that to give workers the ability to plan, they extended their worldwide voluntary work remotely from home option through 30th June 2021 for work roles that do not need to be in office.

Hopefully, the company’s decision will provide the flexibility an employee needs to balance work with taking care of themselves and their loved ones over the next year. Further, Pichai expresses that they expect that more firms, specifically its Silicon Valley neighbors, will make similar decisions. The wave of taking these types of decisions comes after the global spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The author if the upcoming book “2030: How Today’s Biggest Trend Will Collide & Reshape the future of everything” and the management professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Mauro Guillen says that Google is a trendsetter. At the same time, the competition between the tech companies is always paying attention.

Co-founder of, Arran Stewart says that the first thing that will undergo every Silicon Valley human resource team’s and executive’s mind is: When do they announce a policy that matches or beats it. He adds that now, Google has set a new benchmark for other tech firms. These people are all about a fight of talent. They cannot afford not to at least the same or additional, or people leave.

Facebook and Twitter previously announced employees to work permanently from home

Social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter previously announced and allowed some of their employees to work permanently from home. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said that as many as fifty percents of the company employees could work remotely from home within the next five to ten years.

Twitter announced to allow some of its workforce to continue work remotely from home if they want. Google, on the other hand, still not go as far as these two tech companies.

An easy shift to work from home

Whereas the flexibility of working remotely from home has valuable benefits for employees, remote employees also give firms access to a much broader talent pool. Guillen says that it is possibly something that may create – for some industries – a truly international labor market. According to a former human resources executive and professor at the Rutgers School of Management & Labor Relations, extending a work remotely from home policy makes sense the large scale of knowledge workers of Google.

Google reannounced the Work from Home game
Google announced one year plan of Work From Home
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Firms with those types of workers really offer themselves easily to a remote work schedule, and Google workers always have an incredible amount of flexibility. For tech firms making plans to make WFH succeed for the long haul, there has to be a concentration on determinate results. It means that the team managers need to set objectives and time frames and give workers the freedom to complete things as per requirement.

Who suffers from the permanent Work remotely policy?

According to Guillen, a permanent shift to work remotely from home may hurt commercial real estate in New York City and some areas of California, especially if other big tech firms follow the same suit. If all the workers of Google can operate for one year remotely from home, maybe twelve months from now, they will say: “They do not need office the same anymore.”

Similarly, the group of people running the small businesses surrounding the office of Google may not welcome the company’s announcement. Guillen says that it is a piece of devastating news for them. Google workers will not be going shopping around the corner, at hot dog places, or taking public transportation. And that it is really bad for those areas and neighborhoods where Google employees would commute.

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