Google Quantum Computer needs just 200 seconds to solve impossible

Google Quantum Computer needs only 200 seconds to solve hard issue

Google is claiming that it designed a computer machine that requires just two hundred seconds to solve an impossible problem that would take the faster supercomputer of the world 10,000 years to find out. According to the company blog post and an associated article in the scientific journal Nature, the achieved speed of the computer signifies a breakthrough called “quantum supremacy.” The Wednesday announced results herald the quantum computer rise, which has the ability to store and process too much info than their previous cousins by beating into the influential forces contained in the Physics field recognized as quantum mechanics.

Difference between Normal computers and Quantum Computers

One major difference between these two computers is: Normal computer use information that occupies only one state at a time, such as a one, or a zero. Whereas, quantum computers use qubits or quantum bits, which can simultaneously be any combination of one or zero. The main difference is the much faster speeds of processing. Now, Google will try to develop “a fault-tolerant quantum computer” as rapidly as possible. The firm sees applications in making lightweight batteries for airplanes and cars, as well as new medicines. The company said in the post that achieving the essential computational capabilities will still need years of hard scientific work and engineering. However, now we see a track clearly, and we are keen to move ahead, it added.

Criticism from Experts and Rival companies of Google

Rival companies, in addition to some experts, criticized the Google speed experiment after the results leaked online instead of their official publication date. In a Monday blog post, IBM said that Google overvalued the computing task difficulty level. It argued that instead of 10,000 years, the problem could solve by a standard computer in just two and a half days. IBM added we emphasize the community to treat claims that, for the first time in history, a quantum computer did somewhat that a classical computer cannot do with a huge dose of skepticism.

Google Quantum Computer needs just 200 seconds to solve impossible

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, defended the claim of his company in an interview and compared it with the Wright brothers’ efforts at flight. Pichai said the first plane flew for just twelve seconds, and no practical application exists. However, it disclosed the possibility that an aircraft could fly. At present, China considered a leader in quantum computing development that might have noteworthy military applications. The U.S. is trying to get closer to, flashing fears of a quantum arms race.

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