The US Step to put 46 more affiliates on Blacklist is Unjust – Huawei

The US Step to blacklist 46 more affiliates is politically motivated – Huawei

The Chinese telecommunication giant, Huawei said in a statement that the decision of the United States government to add 46 more affiliates of Huawei to a blacklist known as entity list is unfair and politically motivated and it will not help the state advance its technological leadership.

Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary of the United States, declared on yesterday that they extend the delayed the trade ban for another ninety days a temporary amnesty for Huawei to continue doing trade with the U.S. firms. The previous deadline lapsed on the 19th of August. On the other side, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) added another 46 affiliates of Huawei onto the blacklist.

Huawei stated that this U.S. move violates the elementary principles of free-market competition. It is in no one’s interest, including the companies of the United States. Huawei was placed on the U.S. Blacklist in May, which in result restricts the U.S. firms from doing business with Huawei. However, a few days later, Trump announced to suspend the ban for 90 days, which allowed it to do business with the American companies with specific and limited products.

The US Step to put 46 more affiliates on Blacklist is Unjust – Huawei

In a statement, Ross said that as they continue to enforce consumers to transition away from products of Huawei, they came to know that further time needed to prevent any disturbance. Moreover, few U.S rural mobile networks use Huawei gear, whereas some technology component firms of the United States rely on a significant portion of revenue from Chinese Huawei.

Ross repeated his concern that Chinese tech giant poses a security threat for the U.S. The United States sustained that equipment of Huawei could use as a backdoor by the government of China to spy on American state, while Huawei repeatedly denied the allegations.

Huawei Called the U.S. move as Unjust

On Tuesday, Huawei called decision of Washington to add 46 more Huawei affiliates to Entity list as unjust and politically motivated. Huawei stated that efforts to suppress the business of Huawei wouldn’t help the government of the U.S. to attain the leadership of technology. They requested the government of the United States to end this unfair treatment and remove Huawei from the Black List.

Huawei added that the American decision wouldn’t have a significant impact on business. Liang Hua, Chairman of Huawei, said that neither production nor production disturbed for a single day. Huawei still cut its revenue forecast and projected a $30 billion hit to its revenues during the coming two years. Now, the tech giant of China trying to focus on developing more of the fundamental technology which it at present depends on the U.S. firms. Huawei is making efforts to design its own modems and processors for smartphones.

A few days back, it launched its own operating system named with HarmonyOS although it currently it uses the Google operating system, Android for its smartphones, and Windows operating system for its laptops. The CEO of the consumer business of Huawei, Richard Yu, said that if Huawei permanently bans from using Google in its devices, it might switch to its own operating system (HarmonyOS) immediately.


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