CDC announced guidelines for 2020 General in-person Voting

CDC Announced Safety Measures for 2020 General in-person Voting

A few days from Election Day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced safety guidelines for voters to reduce COVID-19 spread. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 8.5 million cases of coronavirus all over the United States, and over 224,000 deaths. The CDC encouraged the American nation to follow basic public health measures and consider different voting options such as voting by mail during 2020 Presidential Elections.

Moreover, CDC repeated the importance of the necessary preemptive measures while voting in-person: mask-wearing, social distancing, and washing hands. Here below, we will discuss the suggestions of CDC in detail for voters:

Necessary steps to take before voting

1 Make sure your name registered

Voters need to check their names registered for voting or not by going to the official governmental website.

2 Know the procedure of vote

Americans can check out if their state allows early voting on

3 Know when and where you can vote

Every citizen needs to know his/her voting place because of several changes amid coronavirus. The CDC recommendations suggest voting mid-morning when it usually is not too busy if people are at high risk for contracting the virus.

4 Know how you are going to get to & from the poll’s stations

The agency recommends that voters avoid ride-sharing services such as buses or trains. The CDC says that in case of mandatory to use these services, be sure to wash your hands, wear a mask, and maintain social distance.

5 Avoid bringing children and unregistered family persons to polling stations

During the last elections of the United States, some people brought their children to the polling stations to show them the voting procedure. However, this time, the CDC doesn’t suggest doing that because it can increase the risk of the child getting the coronavirus.

6 Try to decrease the time you are at the polling station

The CDC says that filling out the registration forms before voting will help to reduce the chances of contracting the virus. Moreover, check to see if your state has sample votes so you can instantly fill out the real one will also help reduce delays at the polls.

CDC announced guidelines for 2020 General in-person Voting
CDC Announced Safety Measures for 2020 General in-person Voting
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Necessary Steps to take on Election Day

1 Citizens must Bring their own supplies

People need to bring masks, hand sanitizers (with at least sixty percent alcohol), and tissues to avoid contraction or even spreading the coronavirus. Afterward, citizens also bring a black ink pen, water, and other necessary documentation such as registration forms, identification, and sample ballots required for voting.

2 Wear a face mask

Voters are sure to cover their nose with a face mask and do not just wear it on your chin. The proper use of masks can become the shield against the virus spread.

3 Be careful while traveling on public transportation

While traveling on public transport, voters must wear a face mask. People can also open windows of vehicles if they need to. Furthermore, avoid touching unnecessary things. In case of touches things during traveling, must sanitize your hands. Finally, it must maintain the necessary social distance on public transports also.

4 Wash Hands and maintain social distance at poling

Voters must wash their hands with soap before and after voting, according to CDC. At the polling station, stand at least six feet from other voters as much as possible.

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