U.S. President met with Louis DeJoy amid mail-in voting criticism

U.S. President met with Postmaster General amid his mail-in voting attacks

Last week, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, met with Louis DeJoy, the Postmaster General at the White House, amid his continuous attacks on mail-in voting. The other reason is he wants to meet DeJoy before he meets with Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, and Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Leader.

Judd Deere, the Deputy Press Secretary of the White House, called the meeting as congratulatory during his talk with CNN. DeJoy, the productive Trump fundraiser and his longtime ally, chaired the top role of the post office on 15th June 2020 amid a time of unbelievable strain at the United States Postal Service. At present, the department is facing a massive funding crisis. While DeJoy already faced bilateral criticism for executing disruptive changes in the role. Changes such as removing overtime for several workers.

Donald Trump on Post Office’s Issues

Meeting between Trump and DeJoy took place on 3rd August, according to Deere. He also said that DeJoy met with Schumer and Pelosi on 5th August. On 9th August, reporters asked Trump about the issues of the Post Office; he replied that he did not speak to DeJoy and praised him as an excellent businessman.

The president told reporters at his Bedminster club that he did not speak to Louis DeJoy, the Postmaster General of the Post Office. He is a good and successful businessman. Moreover, he wants to make the agency at least slightly lose a lot less money than they lost too much money during the last ten years. Not any single department ever lost money like the Post Office. DeJoy wants to make the Post Office successful.

The Washington Post initially reported the meeting between the U.S. President and Postmaster General. DeJoy acknowledged to the employees of the United States Post Office (USPS) this week that the latest procedural changes had unintentional consequences but labeled them as necessary. He wrote in a note sent this week.

The U.S. Postal Service un-guaranteed the timely delivery of ballots

News of the meeting between Trump and DeJoy comes as Pennsylvania officials agreed to count mail-in votes on Thursday up to three days after the general election, provided they mailed by 3rd November, an important change in the central swing state. Additionally, the change made after the United States Postal Service told the country in a memo that it couldn’t assure the timely delivery of votes in the November Presidential election under the present state deadlines for requesting and returning votes.

U.S. President met with Louis DeJoy amid mail-in voting criticism
Donald Trump, the President of the United States
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It comes as Trump openly admits to blocking postal service funding to halt mail-in votes and spreading lies regarding mail-in ballot. The president appeared on Fox Business on Thursday in which he said that Democrats want around twenty-five billion dollars for the Post Office. If they do not make a deal, it clearly means that they do not take the money. Finally, it means that they cannot have universal mail-in voting. After facing huge pressure in the briefing room, he agrees to sign a stimulus bill that has funding for the post office.

Furthermore, the president is actively trying to proactively discredit the results of the general election with his false claims about extensive fraud. If it is not going to be a fair and honest election, citizens really need to think long and solid about it. The Postmaster General is scheduled to appear in a hearing in front of the House Oversight Committee on 17th September.

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